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Negligence or incompetence is the cause of one mishap after another in the plane?

In the hangar of Shahjalal Airport in Bangladesh, there have been incidents of breaking wings after colliding with a plane more than once in the last few months. As the aircraft is a valuable vehicle, it has to be maintained very carefully. As a result, it is very rare in the world for a hangar to be damaged. But in the last three months in Bangladesh, there have been two collisions between one plane and another in the hangar.

The latest incident happened last Sunday. The 8 Dreamliner aircraft from Singapore arrived in Dhaka on Sunday night. As the passenger was being unloaded and taken to the hangar at around 9 pm, the wing of the Boeing 737 aircraft in the hangar was hit. As a result, both the aircrafts were damaged.

The right wing of the aircraft and the left wing of the 737 aircraft were damaged. Much the same thing happened on April 10. The Boeing 737 was also damaged in the accident that day.

On the same day, while taking the Boeing 737 to the hangar for maintenance, the Boeing 7, which was already there, was hit.

As a result, the front of the Boeing 737 and the rear of the Boeing 7 were damaged. As a result, the weather radar in front of the 737 aircraft and the vertical stabilizer of the 737 aircraft broke.

Earlier, on February 1, Biman Bangladesh’s Dash-6 Q400 aircraft used overpowering in a pilot flight.

As a result, two engines of the aircraft were damaged. On June 4, a Boeing plane crashed into a ground support equipment (GSE) of US Bengal Airlines. It has to be repaired later.

On June 16, after unloading the Dreamliner passengers, the maintenance workers started pushing them to take the parking lot without opening the boarding bridge.

While returning to Bangladesh from Malaysia in February, the pilot noticed a crack in the windshield of a Boeing 737.

Twice in three months, the aviation authorities have found negligence on the part of the flight attendants as the main reason behind the damage caused by the plane crashing into the hangar.

Zahid Hossain, acting managing director of Biman Bangladesh, told BBC Bangla: “We have formed a committee of inquiry. We have received reports that there was negligence on the part of those in charge.”

He said that in the first case also, after receiving the report of the investigation committee, four people were suspended, including the chief engineer. Three people have also been suspended in Sunday’s incident.

When an aircraft is taken from a runway to a hangar for maintenance, four crew members work to get it right. One stays in the cockpit, two on either side and one outside.

Investigators have found that the person who was responsible for the incident did not do it himself but told someone else to do it. In both cases, the engineers and crew did not follow the rules to be followed when taking the aircraft to the hangar.

Asked if there was a sabotage behind the incident, he said, “Intelligence agencies can say that. But we can say that they have serious negligence in this incident.

Several intelligence agencies have already started investigating the incident. However, their final report has not been received yet.

Zahid Hossain says, “Biman was doing well in terms of operations. But sadly, these incidents are tarnishing our image, ”he says.

He said the damage to the plane was not much, adding that it had already resumed passenger transport. However, 737 aircraft are being repaired.

However, an official of Biman told BBC Bangla that Biman is already facing manpower crisis and lack of training for its staff. Especially those who work in maintenance or ground handling services, many of them are not trained, lack of supervision during work.

As a result, they do not follow the rules or protocols that are followed when maintaining or handling the aircraft. They are not supervised in these matters. There was no precedent for a major punishment if the aircraft was damaged due to any reason.

Due to these reasons, such incidents are seen to happen again and again. Bangladesh Biman currently has 21 aircraft. Of these, 18 are own and three are leased.




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