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In charge of accountant from computer operator, 5 crore bill fraud allegations

He was the office assistant and computer operator of the Upazila Health Complex. From there he became the accountant of Chittagong General Hospital. The departmental health director did not approve of his appointment but had been in charge for seven years. He has recently been accused of forging a bill worth Tk 5.36 crore.

He is Md Forkan. He was handed over to the police on June 26 after being caught cheating. Later, Sheikh Fazle Rabbi, the caretaker of Chittagong General Hospital, took him into his custody. He has lodged a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) against four people, including Forkan, in connection with the bill fraud. He also removed Forkan from all responsibilities. The departmental health director has formed a three-member investigation committee to look into the matter.

He was transferred from Forkan Lohagara Health Complex to Chittagong General Hospital in 2015. At that time Sarfaraz Khan Chowdhury was the Civil Surgeon of Chittagong. At the same time he was the caretaker of Chittagong General Hospital as an additional responsibility. Forkan was an office assistant and computer operator at Lohagara Health Complex. On 22 April 2015, Sarfaraz Khan issued an order appointing Forkan to the vacant post of Accountant of the General Hospital. This is a relatively high term.

Later in 2016, he applied for promotion from the post of Forkan Office Assistant cum Computer Operator to the post of Accountant. The matter was discussed at a meeting of the departmental recruitment and promotion committee of the third class employees of the hospital. The committee was chaired by the then Chittagong Division Health Director AM Mujibul Haque. At the meeting held on June 12, 2016, it was said, “An order of an unauthorized officer (civil surgeon) has been issued against Forkan to maintain the post of office assistant, computer operator and accountant in his current workplace.” There are allegations that he is not a legitimate employee of the 250-bed General Hospital. His promotion could not be considered as there were other allegations pending.

However, in 2020, Forkan overtook the director of health and brought an order from the health department as the accountant (current responsibility) of the general hospital.

Asked about this, Chittagong Civil Surgeon Mohammad Ilias Chowdhury said, “The civil surgeon does not have the authority to transfer anyone to the general hospital in the upazila.” The post of Civil Surgeon as well as the caretaker of the General Hospital was then given as an additional responsibility. The authority to transfer or appoint someone in the General Hospital falls under the jurisdiction of the Departmental Health Director. It is not clear how Forkan was transferred then.

Asked to comment on the matter, the then Civil Surgeon Sarfaraz Khan Chowdhury declined to comment.

Since his job in the health department, various allegations have been made against Forkan. Sometimes there are financial and sometimes anti-discipline allegations against him. Abu Tayyab, then a civil surgeon at the time, warned him in the future, pardoning him on humanitarian grounds for violating the rules of service. At that time Forkan was the office assistant of Banshkhali Upazila Health Complex.

In 2021, the Anti-Corruption Commission ordered an investigation into a complaint against Forkan. The investigation committee was headed by Aftabul Islam, deputy director of Chittagong Medical College Hospital. But that investigation did not see the light of day.

On June 26, Forkan was accused of forging a bill worth Tk 5.36 crore in the office of the Divisional Accounts Controller. According to the concerned sources, a bill of Rs 5.36 crore for setting up ICU beds in Chittagong General Hospital was stuck for a long time due to allegations of irregularities. Recently, a fake memorandum of purchase was presented at Chittagong Medical College Hospital and a bill of Tk 5.36 crore was submitted to the office of the Divisional Accounts Controller. Forkan was later handed over to the police when the matter of forgery was caught. Allegedly, Forkan submitted the fake bill in collusion with the contractor.

Following the incident, Sheikh Fazle, the caretaker of the General Hospital, lodged a complaint with the ACC against four people, including Rabbi Forkan. The Divisional Health Director formed a three-member inquiry committee into the matter.

Asked about the overall situation, Divisional Health Director Hasan Shahriar Kabir said, “When Forkan was transferred to Chittagong General Hospital, there was another director.” The responsibility of transferring someone to the General Hospital is in the hands of the director. But he was brought to this post by an order of the Civil Surgeon.

If you want to know about it. “The civil surgeon’s order is valid,” Forkan said. On his orders I came from Lohagara to the General Hospital. Later, on the orders of the director general of the health department, I joined the accountant’s current duty. ‘Forkan claimed that the bill was not linked to fraud.




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