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How long will Boris Johnson survive the revolt within Britain’s ruling party and the resignation of one minister after another?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is desperately trying to defend his prime ministership after a sharp revolt within the ruling Conservative Party and a series of resignations from the cabinet. In a question-and-answer session with the Prime Minister in Parliament on Wednesday, he said that the people have given him a huge mandate in the 2019 elections and he wants to continue as the Prime Minister.

But on Tuesday, two very important and influential ministers in the cabinet resigned just ten minutes apart. Johnson’s leadership is now under enormous threat.

Following in the footsteps of the British Chancellor (Finance Minister) Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid yesterday, many more junior ministers have followed suit. Many ministers and MPOs who were once considered loyal to him, Mr. Asking Johnson to step down.

Boris Johnson’s leadership in the Conservative Party was challenged just a month ago. He survived the vote in the party’s parliamentary party vote. But this time, as one resignation after another has begun, many loyalists within the Conservative Party are seen to be resigning.

Boris Johnson won a landslide victory in 2019 by pledging to implement Brexit. But for the last two years, he has lost the confidence of many in the team by getting involved in one scandal after another.

Boris Johnson’s prime ministership is in the latest crisis, following allegations of sexual misconduct against an MP.

Conservative MP Chris Pincher was accused of sexually assaulting a man. But why Prime Minister Johnson appointed Mr. Pincher as Deputy Chief Whip, despite being aware of such allegations against him – is the main reason for this.

The dramatic resignation of the two ministers on Tuesday evening, expressing distrust in the Prime Minister’s leadership in the wake of the incident, caused a stir in British politics. Since then, one after another junior ministers have resigned, expressing distrust of Boris Johnson’s leadership.

A close aide to the prime minister told, “Now the question is how he will say goodbye. He added that the situation was no longer conducive to his survival.”

Opposition Labor leader Kir Sturmer also accused the prime minister of making “misleading” statements in parliament on Wednesday.

But Mr. Johnson rejected his resignation, saying his government was doing well in the economy and internationally and would continue to serve as prime minister.

Boris Johnson has previously been accused of violating the Covid epidemic by organizing parties at Downing Street offices and government residences. The police also fined him for this. However, Mr. Johnson won a vote of confidence in his party’s MPs last month.

According to Conservative Party rules, a new no-confidence motion against the prime minister cannot be brought within a year of winning a vote of confidence within the party. But due to the existing situation, there is a demand to change this rule.

If this rule of the ruling Conservative Party is changed, then Mr. Political analysts fear Johnson will soon face a new no-confidence motion in the party’s parliamentary party.

But if a no-confidence motion is moved against him in parliament, and he loses, he must either resign or call a new election.




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