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BTRC’s new initiative in internet service

BTRC is taking initiative to remove the garbage of hanging wire all over the country including the capital. Internet service providers are being allowed to share the same infrastructure. The government introduced a tower sharing policy in 2018 to stop the construction of mobile towers in the country. Under which four companies are constructing towers in the country.

At present, four mobile operators are able to provide customer service with one tower of these organizations. This has reduced the additional cost of mobile operators as well as the tower.

Broadband internet service providers do not get this facility even if they get it from mobile operators. As a result, the country’s cities, including the capital Dhaka, are littered with innumerable hanging wires.

The two city corporations have even issued an ultimatum to remove the hanging of the capital. But nothing worked. In order to solve this problem permanently, BTRC has decided to give the opportunity of active sharing to the internet service providers as well as the mobile operators.

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar says an organization can pull cables in certain areas. With which other companies will be able to provide customer service.

He said he might have to go home and use it separately. But Internet service providers do not have to bother to arrange so many wires along the road. We will make arrangements to launch it with due consideration.

Service providers say the decision will not only make the city litter-free. He will also benefit financially.

Service providers say it will reduce operating costs. Internet users will benefit.

ISPAB President Imdadul Haque said, “When this work goes under one or two managements, it will be seen that automatically our maintenance cost will also be reduced.” If it saves us some money, then maybe we can increase the bandwidth a bit.

As per ISPAB, about two thousand companies are currently providing broadband internet services across the country.




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