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Barisal-bound launch left from Sadarghat at night

Although launch movement on the Barisal-Bhola route has been stopped, several launches have left for Barisal at night from Sadarghat launch terminal, the capital’s main river port. Allegations of blocking of launches and other boats on the Barisal-Bhola route have been raised due to BNP’s departmental mass meeting. However, there is a possibility that the launch will not take place from the capital on Friday (November 4), said the concerned persons. However, the launch owners say that they will not stop the launch due to political programs.

When several launch owners were spoken to, they said that there is no reason to stop the launch due to political agenda. The movement of their vessels on their respective routes will continue systematically.

Talking to the Sadarghat launch officials, it is known that there is a rumor that the launch will be stopped on Friday. Launches from Barisal to Sadarghat and from Sadarghat to Barisal may not leave this morning.

On Thursday (November 3), it can be seen on the surface, the launches left for the destination from the platforms of Sadarghat till 9 pm. Later in the evening the launch Paltun for Patuakhali and Baga left. Barisal-bound Manami, Parabat-18, Surbhi-7 and Subhraj-9 left till 10 pm. Sundarban and a few other smaller launches were also waiting to be launched.

The workers are calling passengers in Paltun and Ghat areas. The presence of passengers was seen in the launches. Being the day before the holiday, the crowd at the Sadarghat terminal was also noticeable. However, there is a fear among the passengers that the launch will stop at any moment.

General Secretary of Launch Owners Association Shahidul Islam Bhuiyan told Bangla Tribune, ‘We have not decided why to stop the launch. We will not take any decision that causes inconvenience to passengers. If such a decision is made, it will be informed in advance.’

Bangladesh Inland Navigation (Passenger Transport) Organization President Mahbub Uddin Ahmad told Bangla Tribune, ‘The launch will not be stopped due to any political decision. There is no particular reason to stop it. If an owner shuts down his boat because he can’t afford the oil, that’s up to him. But we are steadfast in our decision to continue the launch.’


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