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Ashraful killed teacher Utpal for preventing love

Student Ashraful Ahsan (Jitu) killed teacher Utpal Kumar Sarkar for obstructing love. He pleaded guilty in the Dhaka Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) court on Wednesday. CJM court magistrate Rajiv Hasan ordered Ashraful to be sent to jail after recording his statement. Additional Public Prosecutor of that court Anwarul Kabir Babul confirmed this information.

Ashraful Ahsan hit teacher Utpal Kumar Sarkar with a stump and injured him during a girls’ cricket tournament at Haji Yunus Ali School and College in Ashulia, Savar on June 25. He is a tenth class student of that school. Later, teacher Utpal Kumar died while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Ashraful fled immediately after the incident. RAB arrested him from Sreepur area of ​​Gazipur last Wednesday. After examining Ashraful’s birth certificate and JSC certificate, the children’s court said he was an adult. Later, the magistrate’s court allowed him to be remanded for questioning.

According to court sources, Ashraful said in his confessional statement that his girlfriend was a class XI student of the college. Love affair with him for a long time. The two used to hang out in college together. Three days before the murder, Ashraful was eating cake on the college campus with his girlfriend. Then college teacher Utpal Kumar came there. He scolded Ashraful and his girlfriend. Then Ashraful also abused teacher Utpal.

In his deposition, Ashraful further said that after the incident, teacher Utpal Kumar lodged a complaint with Ashraful and his girlfriend’s guardian. Due to this, Ashraful’s girlfriend stopped coming to the college. Later, Ashraful came to the college that day with a cricket stamp from home, as planned. He hid it behind the classroom. During the girls’ cricket tournament on the college field, he saw teacher Utpal Kumar standing alone in a corner of the field and hit him with a stump. Teacher Utpal was first hit in the head from behind. Then another college teacher Sharif grabbed Ashraful by the hand. However, Ashraful fled when the teacher rushed to help Utpal.

Ashraful further said in his deposition that he fled and went to Manikganj first. Later he moved to Pabna. From there he came to Sreepur in Gazipur.

Earlier, Ashraful Ahsan’s father Ujjwal Hossain had given a confessional statement in the court. He is now in jail.




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