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A writ petition seeking investigation into a lawyer’s ’12 crore taka fee’

A writ petition has been filed seeking directions to investigate other issues, including the controversy surrounding a lawyer taking large sums of money as legal fees. Lawyer M Ashraful Islam filed the writ petition in the concerned branch of the High Court on Wednesday. And the lawyer complained about, his name is Md. Yusuf Ali.

Grameen Telecom and its founder, Nobel laureate economist Professor. The Grameen Telecom Workers’ Union and the dismissed workers filed a case against Muhammad Yunus for arrears of dividends. Workers-employees lawyer. Yusuf Ali. The two parties later came to an agreement on the claim and payment of arrears of dividends. It is alleged that lawyer Yusuf Ali took a fee of Tk 12 crore from the workers and employees.

In a press briefing on July 3, Yusuf Ali told reporters, “We have defeated Muhammad Yunus and recovered Tk 437 crore from the sacked employees.” The 12 crore that is being talked about is totally an imaginary figure. However, I received a large amount of fees. ‘He said that his chamber and some of his bank accounts were confiscated.

In this case, another Supreme Court lawyer, M Ashraful Islam, today filed a writ petition seeking directions to investigate other issues, including the controversy over Yusuf Ali’s huge fees.

Lawyer M Ashraful Islam said, Justice Khizir Ahmed Chowdhury and Justice Md. Zakir Hossain The High Court bench comprising  is likely to hear the writ petition on Thursday. From taking a fee of Tk 12 crore and Yusuf Ali’s press briefing, there may be various ideas among the common people and new lawyers. There may be an idea that aggrieved candidates can take any benefit related to their property or case, or even any amount of fee, from the lawyers. That is why the writ petition was filed seeking directions to investigate the matter in accordance with the provisions of the Bar Council, including the allegation of charging a fee of Tk 12 crore.

Earlier, a company bench of the High Court on June 30 asked the workers to file a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Grameen Telecom authorities and the workers and employees to pay their dues. A single company bench of Justice Muhammad Khurshid Alam Sarkar on the same day asked the lawyers of the two parties to submit the information in the form of a joint affidavit by August 2.

On that day, Mustafizur Rahman Khan, a lawyer for Grameen Telecom and Md. Yusuf Ali was present at the hearing.

During the hearing, the court said that according to a portal, Tk 12 crore had gone to the lawyer’s (workers-employees) fund. That will send the wrong message. There is no lawyer in the subcontinent whose fee will be 12 crore rupees. For the sake of transparency, in order to avoid any question about the accuracy of the court and the lawyer, it was asked to submit the settlement agreement and the statement of payment in the form of affidavit.

According to the lawyers, an application was filed in the High Court last year on behalf of the Grameen Telecom Workers’ Union seeking termination of Grameen Telecom over the arrears of dividends. Following the hearing, the court issued a notice to show cause. The application was accepted for hearing on April 4. Later, the two parties agreed to pay the dues on the condition of withdrawing the case and asked not to file a case in the court. In view of this, the case (termination application) was dismissed on May 23 considering the non-execution. Then on June 30, the case was put on the agenda under the headline ‘Grameen Telecom Workers-Employees Union vs. Grameen Telecom and Others’.

On June 30, lawyer Yusuf Ali said the total debt owed by the 176 officers and employees was estimated at Rs 437 crore. Of these, the dues of 168 people have been paid. Four have died and four are abroad, delaying the payment of their dues.




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