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A girl has filed a case against the father for rape

The girl has accused her father of rape in Chaugachha, Jessore. Police arrested the man in a case filed by his daughter (18) at Chaugachha police station late on Tuesday (July 5).

The young woman mentioned in the complaint, “Moshiar is my birth father. His temperament is very bad and he is a professional drug dealer. Often my family members, including me, were tortured in various ways. Ever since I was a teenager, he used to say bad things to me and make ugly and obscene gestures towards me. If i protested, he would use all kinds of threats and intimidation including swearing and beating.”

“Dad first married me a drug dealer without my consent. Later, he divorced me and married me in another place. Approximately five years ago (Dad) sexually harassed me more than once, threatening to leave no one at home at different times. I did not disclose the matter to anyone for fear and I tried to stop him but failed.”

The young woman further mentioned, “At one stage, my younger sister (18) and I left home for Dhaka and took a job in a garment factory. On June 26, I came home from Dhaka. Then on June 26, at around 4 pm, he entered my bedroom in our village house and raped me as before. At the same time, he threatened to kill me if I told anyone about the incident.”

On Tuesday (July 5), the victim came to the police station and lodged a complaint against her father. The police later arrested the man and registered the case as a case after finding the initial truth of the incident.

The mother of the girl who came to the police station said, “I have never known about the matter before.”

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Chaugachha Police Station Saiful Islam Sabuj said a case has been registered in this regard. The accused initially admitted the allegations. He was sent to jail by the court on Wednesday (July 8th).




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